Charles E.

Purchasing Manager

“We have partnered with FAD on many projects. Both Bob Sr. and Bob Jr. are both gentleman and have always a pleasure to work with. Their Quality is always “top shelf” and is only exceeded by their Service! The phrase of “we can’t do that” has never been a part of their vocabulary.

Many times our schedules put FAD behind the 8-ball, yet they were always equal to the task and never failed to perform. We relied heavily on their knowledge of the many types of coatings and their many years of practical experience. Of the hundreds of vendors I dealt with every year, FAD was consistently in the top 1% regarding Quality & Service. I would highly recommend FAD to anyone for their Industrial Coating needs!"

Helen E.

Manager (Engineered Pump Dept)

“We have used FAD for the last seven plus years that I have worked at C&K. All our large pump components (up to 128” in diameter) are sent to FAD for blast and epoxy coating. FAD is an outstanding vendor that performs excellent work and always meets the required delivery date. Even on expedited job, FAD has always met our needs working whatever necessary hours to complete the jobs. I would recommend FAD to any company who is in need of blasting any size components and also painting for interior and exterior of components."

Terry M.

Director of Operations

“FAD Corporation has provided outstanding service to our firm for many years. Their quality of workmanship is superior, reliability is excellent and pricing is fair and competitive. They offer timely quotations to meet our hectic bid deadlines and we can always count on FAD to meet their delivery commitments.”

Larry M.

Director of Operations

“FAD Corporation has been a reliable sub contractor to us for the 12 years I’ve been with Schmidt and beyond. I have also utilized them with previous employers, dating back over 30 years. FAD performs all of our blasting needs, for carbon and stainless materials, and applies customer required painting and coating systems. Their turnaround time has always met our schedules, and if needed they are willing to work overtime and weekends to meet customer demands.”